Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Round and a Round

History continues to repeat itself but for whatever reason, it is difficult to see that we are part of history in the making. Looking to the past for insight should be mandatory for everyone yet, few of us do that. We look to the past and long for days gone by as if they were a dream and they may as well have been. The sun was brighter, the air crisper, the music better, the friendships deeper and the homes were much more affordable. Lest we forget about the smog of the 70s, the expensive gas bills and the fact that homes averaged 1500 square feet. Our leaders seem to be doing the same thing. Acting as if the 80s was a decade when 'things got done'... well you know, a lot of shit happened back then that wasn't so cool. Our country seems to be headed into a tailspin of consumption at the expense of others around the world. We cannot sustain what we have without keeping millions of people repressed and with little more than the shirts on their backs. Is it worth it? Is it enough to expect that at least these people have clean water and fans in their sweatshops? For some reason, I keep thinking about Rome.


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