Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Whole Foods = Whole Body

It is obvious that we need to stop allowing ourselves to buy into the fact that large pharmaceuticals and the FDA don't always tell us what is really GOOD for us. Food IS fuel for body and soul. I often challenge myself to eat nothing but foods that I prepare or if I buy something from the grocery store, I try to limit the ingredients on any given package. When I bake a cake from scratch and it has about 8-10 ingredients. Have you looked at the ingredients on a box of cake mix? What the heck is all that crap and what is my body going to do with it once I eat it? I mean, it is one thing to feed the body sugar and refined flour but most of the ingredients aren't even pronounceable. And cake mix is just an example. When did we start allowing this to be put on our grocery store shelves and why wasn't it issue then? I think it may have started in the late 40s early 50s and over time as companies wiggle their way into bed with the FDA, their products have snuck into our food chain.

One more thought. I have a friend who is 'heavy'. She has always been a diet soda drinker. She's asks how I stay slim when I drink Coke...straight ahead full sugar Coke. My response is always the same "I know what is in this drink and I know what this drink is doing to my body". I can't really say the same thing for diet sodas.


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