Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Older is better

Just like anything worth waiting for, each individual has an opportunity to become really cool as they age. When we are one year old, we self-actualize; when we're in our teens, we discover our friends; in our twenties, it's self-discovery; thirties, forties and fifties seem to be about the career and kids and after that? That's when things are interesting. If you've planned it right you're not scraping by or if you live simply, you're comfortable with it. There's no need to impress anyone (unless you tried to skip a step and never moved past it). Many people that I meet that are in their 60s and older seem to be really good listeners and often have a good sense of humor. That is my goal in life.

I was driving through Pound Ridge, NY on my way to work today and saw a wire hitting a tree and igniting it. The rain was pouring and putting out the fire right away but it was happening over and over. I didn't have any cell coverage so I drove to three empty homes...(people that must be 30-50 somethings that work) and I spotted a house with two cars in the driveway. I pulled in and walked up the grassy walkway soaking wet and saw in the window an older couple in their pajamas having coffee. I startled them but they opened the door for me. They immediately invited me out of the rain into their very modest and very Connecticut farmhouse (wood walls, rocking chairs and a stove fireplace)and after I told them what happened, the man, a former volunteer fireman, called who else but the fire department. The woman was filled with laughter and said that I made her husband's day for my deed. We talked for a few minutes and after he made the call, I kindly exited. I thought about all of the empty homes on that road that I drive by and the ones that are filled with people like that. They, to me, make up the community. They're the foundation that allows everyone else to go do the work we do while they are home when we need to use a phone or they are out doing the community service that we only do when we have nothing else going on. I don't know if that makes sense but it was kind of nice. Just talking with this couple for five minutes made me feel great all day. So, hats off to them for being so open and cool.


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