Monday, July 10, 2006

Trophy wife says trophy words

My husband and I were driving in Westport over the weekend and we stopped into Mitchell's clothing store. I've seen the ads and have been curious about it, thinking it might be like Mario's in Seattle: Boutique, fun well made, designer clothing with great sales. Anyhow, we pulled into the parking lot filled with no less than Ferrari's, Mercedes, BMWs and hmm, I think an Audi (no joke, at least 20 cars of these makes). We pull our little VW in and go inside. Everyone that worked there was great and very welcoming but we were the youngest customers with everyone else in their upper 40s and dressed in non-descript clothing despite the Hermes, Armani Collectione and Missoni departments in the store. There was a sale happening so I walked over to the section of my size looking for anything interesting. Just behind me I hear a woman laugh and look over to see a sales girl listening to a blonde 50ish 5'4" size 4 woman with too much make-up and her 60ish husband that is wearing Tommy Bahama or something similar. The woman's laughter burst out and she said "oh GOD, I would NEVER buy anything on sale!". I really wish I had a camera. The woman captured the epitome of 'new money' that moves to Connecticut. So, I figure that she basically has given enough bjs in her time that she has earned the right to not wear anything that was purchased on sale. Granted, I don't know this couple but I imagine they are little more than boring.


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