Friday, March 23, 2007

It is funny because it is true!

So B and I went to Luc's in Ridgefield for dinner and had an excellent burger avec fromage et frit and pepper seared tuna and of course a dirty martini for dinner before heading over to the Aldrich museum to hear Roz Chast speak on her experience as a cartoonist for many publications most notably New Yorker magazine. She came across as a slightly obsessive-compulsive (in a New Yorker kind of way) really humble and funny person. The best moment was when she couldn't stop laughing and had to pull away from the microphone after bringing up the prescription sleep aid that causes people to eat, cook meals, roast chickens and even drive...while they are asleep. We all laughed at the ridiculousness of the state of our society - summed up so simply.

The event was filmed for a CBS Sunday Morning Segment on Roz Chast that will be featured this Sunday. Watch for B (and those fabulous earrings!) and me on your TV!!



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