Tuesday, March 06, 2007

I found my peeps while breathing in Aer After driving by the Yellow Monkey Center in Cross River, NY for almost a year, receiving their email newsletters and keeping a printout of their schedule on my desk, I got a kick in the ass: I was watching a skin care segment on Martha Stewart Friday after work, which, I seldomly make time to watch but for some reason it was TiVo'd and waiting for me. The owner of Aer, Basil, was there as a guest of Martha Stewart's and she talked about what a wonderful place it is (she lives in the next town over and has visited). I can no longer hide from it so I got my butt out of bed on Saturday morning and I went to what I think will be my second home. I took the Saturday morning Vinyasa class and Monday evening's Slow Flow class. The 200 year old building houses a spa, a beautiful shop, an upcoming cafe and the upstairs studios. Each of the two studios wide plank floors fit about 10 people max. They're intimate and have wonderful energy. All of the people that I've come across there, smile and have an openness about them. There is absolutely no pretension in the air.

Right after class on Saturday, I drove back into Ridgefield and stopped for coffee for myself and husband and the teenage cashier handed me my change and the coffee and asked "how was class?" I told her briefly that it was yoga and was wonderful. She smiled and said that I looked "so relaxed". It's true, I haven't felt this good in years.


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