Thursday, August 25, 2005

Chez Jean-Pierre

Stamford, Connecticut isn't known for it's dining establishments. I think it is known for, well, UBS and their world's largest trading floor, GE Capital and having the last stop before the Manhattan Bound train goes express. There are quite a few dining gems though. In addition to Brasitas - one of our recent discoveries, we regularly visit Chez Jean-Pierre located on Bedford street just down from the Avon Theater. It isn't a place out of town friends notice as we walk by at night but once I point it out, they immediately notice the sparkling little corner bistro. It pulls you in. It's best to make reservations but if the friendly staff know you, they will do their best to accommodate you on busy nights. During the warmer months, they open up both sides of the building and have outdoor seating that flows onto the sidewalk. And during the winter, its radiates a golden warmth that's very cozy. The food is consistently wonderful. My favorite is the roasted artichoke salad with arugula, roasted red peppers and large shavings of Parmesan cheese with a light dressing. The artichokes are meaty but tender and just melt in your mouth. Every dish is pretty traditional fare and is on the hearty side so you won't leave there feeling hungry. Wednesday nights they have a live band in their back bar which is, again, very traditional French decor. The band is somewhat "Big Chill" but if you're in the restaurant dining, it's not distracting at all. The wine list is extensive and covers all price ranges. If you're intimidated by French food, this would be a great place to start because you can't miss. If you are a French food connoisseur, you will appreciate the attention to detail that the French owners have put into making sure you enjoy your meal.

Also to be noted: the proprietaire's brother owns a great shop right next door of imported beautifully hand painted furniture. I'm eyeing the Eiffel Tower Lamp. Tres Cool!


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