Wednesday, August 24, 2005

My nephew's birthday

I'm a schmuck. I totally and completely missed my nephews 17th birthday. I feel bad because he is all ready difficult to reach so I knew where he was and I just blew it. He is this awesome guy that was born when I was 19. For some reason, I see him as my little brother more than my nephew. I can't explain why but I have always had a soft-spot in my heart for him. He is out in Seattle and growing up with my very 'outgoing' and 'fun' family. The thing is, he is, like I am, much more of an introvert. We like to have our few friends but unlike the family, we recharge by being alone. He's at the age where communication is difficult and although you feel like an adult, the world is just beginning to unfold. I want to be available to him and express to him that I am here for him. My husband Paul, also thinks of him in the same way. Paul is frustrated that we can't kick his butt when he starts to get out of line and that we can't hear how his music is coming along. I miss him. I'd love to hang out and have coffee with him and just listen to him tell me about everything he's been up to.


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