Friday, September 23, 2005

We did it - we've committed ourselves to a huge debt and now have in our posession a beautiful 60 year old house key and I couldn't feel better about it. We are back at the apartment (no longer appropriate to call it 'Home' right?) and are hanging out preparing to pack up everything tomorrow and spend the night in the new place. We'll be back here on Monday morning to meet the movers. I'm honestly a little bit bummed - I was planning on painting the door a blue color - I call it Scotish flag blue but you can call it English pub blue, and the house literally across the street that is being remodeled, just painted their door that exact color. I think it would be a bit much for two homes to have blue doors in a part of the country where all of the other doors are red. Not only that but it wouldn't be neighborly. I figure, it makes it easy for him to say "1/2 way down the street, it is the house with a blue door". So, now I'm thinking "Kelli" green.


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