Monday, September 19, 2005

It's a small world after all

After a weekend of packing and having to wake up early for a 'first thing' meeting, I woke at 4:00am realizing that my life has become very small. It occured to me that aside from day trips or weekends in the city, I haven't taken a vacation all year! We've been so focused on the house, learning my job, etc. I've completely left myself somewhere...back... there (pointing behind me). It is during these times where I lose myself in the present that I start to get stressed out and default to my astrological sign, the crab - I just want to hide in my shell until things are safe. That time never really comes on its own so I need to make it happen. From this vantage point, it is easy to see how people become narrow minded. If you don't allow yourself to be exposed to new, different and slightly uncomfortable experiences, you're playing it too safe. This isn't only applicable to me though, I sense our president, for example, although he travels heavily, doesn't like to have new experiences. The same could be said for our (new) friends in North Korea or anywhere else in the world people are surrounded by like minded people. It's a slippery slope.

The world isn't going to stop if I'm in my shell or not so I may as well get out there and catch a current to something new.


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