Sunday, July 23, 2006

My mellow weekend

I'm still getting over this cold that hit me last Saturday in New York. I haven't been running or doing any other exercise but I have found the energy to get some more painting done in the kitchen. There is so much moulding in such a small space! 3 doors, 2 windows and 2 doorways, with moulding all the way around. Painting the trim is a reminder of why I love modern design - so straight-forward, clean and pure. Design should be true to its roots and not try to look like anything it isn't. A beautiful wood grain is stunning with a simple beeswax coating and a piece of stone or leather are beautiful when polished. Our home is not that. It is a simple Cape Cod built in the 40s and is pretty typical of that era. The cherry wallpaper matched the check curtains which match the linolium floor and 'shabby chic' chandelier in the dining area. Slowly we are updating our home so that we are comfortable here but it is an ongoing project.

The one area of the house that I really appreciate from the previous owners work is the garden. This being our first year here, I'm letting everything grow, weeds and all so that I can see what is a weed and what isn't. The beautiful thing is that pretty much everything I've let grow, has blossomed into incredible color, week after week. While pulling weeds this afternoon scents from the plants were intoxicating. Anise and stargazer lilies and mint mixed with the warm summer air and put me in a place where I was completely present. The weeds are an uphill battle but its one I don't mind fighting.


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