Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Too rich and too thin? Let's try financially stable and healthy!

It is not necessarily right for the government to be dictating that designers use thin models but when I see their bones clanking down the Italian catwalks, I don't even notice the clothing nor the energy of the show. It has surpassed prepubescent and is now just kind of icky - for lack of a better word. What happened to healthy & interesting to look at?


Blogger La Femme said...

I was shocked when I saw the models in person at New York Fashion Week. Not only are they (obviously) bony, but they are much, much taller than one would think, and their limbs/necks etc just seem twice as long as everyone else's.

When I say tall, I mean TALL! I'm 6'3" in my every day mid height boots and these femmes towered over me.

5:15 PM  
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