Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Having been a health and beauty junkie since I was 11 (maybe even preceeding that if you consider the cake makeup I used to put on my Barbie's faces) I continue to love to trying new things. I love experiencing new textures and colors and finding out about ancient plants that cultures have used for medicinal purposes but Western medicine hasn't touched. Recently, I went to and puchased the detox foot pads which work on the energy meridians on your feet to cleanse your kidneys & liver and supposedly pull heavy metals and other toxins out of your body. This includes lead, arsenic, plastics, etc. Because I am Post-surgery and have bizarro allergies, I am giving it a try. I received it in the mail and Tuesday night I applied (taped) one on my left foot and slept better than I have in years. When I woke, my husband brought me my morning coffee in bed and I was revolted by the coffee smell and could taste the herbal ingredients in my mouth. This is despite my 4-5 cup per day addiction. The footpad was black like I was told they would be for about a month until my body is cleansed.

Last night was night #2. The right foot got warm and tingled a bit so I know it wasn't in my head when it happened the previous night. I now have absolutely no desire for coffee and am drinking tea and honey. This morning I woke refreshed after 5 hours of sleep, having much more energy than I normally do. This morning, the right foot pad was black.

Am I losing my mind? Do I need to get a life? (or what?)

In good health,


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