Monday, September 11, 2006


So, we're forced remember this tragic day once again. It is a good time to reflect and appreciate what we have but all I feel is numbness and pain. Again.

On this morning's NPR "This much I know", the essayist spoke about being a baby boomer and how the irony of flying the flag is no different than the Peace signs of the sixties - it meant you were from a certain school of thought. The thing is, flying the American flag to him could represent unity. In my mind, unity happens when people are given straight facts and allowed to make up their own minds and decide to work together on a common goal - we don't need a symbol to tell people how to think,we need solid information that allows us to think for ourselves. Americans want to be united but the leaders are asking us to look at a symbol and cheer instead of really giving us something intelligent to work toward. If we don't cheer then we aren't patriotic. If you talk about Freedom, tell us what that means and don't strip our freedoms from us while you wave the flag like a piece of candy to a baby trying to distract us.


Blogger Kurt said...

You hit the nail on the head regarding something that's been bothering me lately. Some comments that I've read in the runup to this awful anniversary regarding the country's "increased" safety, our role in the world, etc, seem to me to be people putting on a game face to not have to think about the fact that we are now only safe to think about the memory of what this country MEANT. Not what it WILL mean to be an American from here on. "My flag, right or wrong" used to have a little honor in the sentiment. Today it sounds like a platitude. Many think that somehow we will be back to the sepia-toned womb of the US pre-1995 if we just suck it up and deal with the modern inconveniences for a little while. As far as I can see, that will never happen.

I am proud to be an American but also saddened by how much less that means now than it did 10 or 20 years ago.

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