Monday, August 15, 2005

Bravo Brasitas!

Main Street, as the Boston Post Road is called as it runs through Stamford, Connecticut is not what I would consider a good road to have a restaurant. Although some parts of Highway 1 are nice, Stamford uses it mostly for tile shops, liquor stores and car dealerships. There is one sunny spot located at 954 East Main Street that I've been curious about. After it was reviewed in the NY Times on Saturday (Connecticut section) and rated as very good, I convinced my husband to try Brasitas. There was a chance that as soon as we walked through the doors we would have all eyes on us and we would regret it but this was not the case at all. We've been looking for a good Spanish tapas restaurant for some time and although this is more of a South American than Spanish restaurant, it did not disappoint us at all. They start out with fried plantain and salsa but the following courses were much more sophisticated in presentation and flavor. The mushroom crepe with corn and avocado sauce was incredible and may inspire me to pull out my crepe pan. The other dishes we ordered: empanadas, civeche and a chorizo & skirt steak plate were all melt in your mouth good. The well made Mojito's sealed the deal. We'll be back.



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