Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Workin' with da Youts

Tonight was spent at church preparing for bi-monthly meetings as a volunteer for the youth ministry. The congregation chose me and three others (my husband included) to lead the youth group for the coming school year. As an introduction we went around the room and each of us described someone that made a positive impression on us as teenagers. Each one of us told a strangely similiar story. For me, my step father and a friend from high school: both had high expectations of me and bluntly questioned me when I made lazy choices that hurt others or myself. I didn't change right away but they made an impact on my setting ever evolving expectations that have let to the person I am.

I wonder, if my friends and family as teenagers had that certain someone who saw them as an individual and asked them to rise to the occassion of life. That truly is a gift of God.


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