Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Old memories

Last week I sent a change of address email to some Seattle friends. Turns out, my old boyfriend who still lives out in Seattle, his parents live less than a half mile away from my husband and me in this town of 40,000 people. Not only that but he was flying into town for a surprise party and did I (and Paul) want to get together for dinner at one of the restaurants in town. Sure! Let's see how akward this will be.

Living in New York you run into people you know or recognize on a regular basis. Sometimes they are former high school friends and sometimes they are celebraties but because you see them on billboards and magazines so often, you take a second glance like you might actually have a past with them. It's a strange sensation when you realize you don't actually know them or rather, they don't know you.

I've always had this weird thought that although there are people we can look up to, it is really up to us as individuals to get what we want out of life. We are all born and we all die, alone - some of us overlap generations and some of us live too short of lives. The strange thing to me is that it is just a fluke that we are all walking the planet at this moment in time. Out of the millions of years this planet has existed, here we are, right now, bickering over stuff that is really really, not important. So, why not just make an effort to co-exist in a positive, peaceful manner instead of trying to stand out as someone that is important. Because really, your not important in a way that doesn't matter.


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