Sunday, January 01, 2006

Paul and I spent last night, celebrating our 6th wedding anniversary: walking in the snow to a local 'trendy' bar for a quick bite to eat, a couple drinks and then a snowy walk home at 11:00. Once home, we turned on the music, had some eggnog and found some songs that I could possibly sing (after just recently finding my voice). We went downstairs into the studio and Paul on his Les Paul guitar and me on drums, played for over an hour and a half. The next White Stripes? Possibly. At least in my own mind. We had a great night and talked about our friends that we miss, how much has changed with them and our relationships with them, their kids (CONGRATULATIONS TONI & JAMES, WHO HAD A NEW YEARS EVE BABY GIRL!!!) and how this year has actually been pretty damn good. We finished off the evening by watching 200 Cigarettes. I hope that your New Years was as nice (without the blisters from drumming). Love, Kelli


Blogger Kurt said...

Six years already?! Wow. Congratulations P & K!! Rock on with your bad selves. Kelli, trust me...once the blisters callous over, you're all good to go. Of course Paul will have to get used to a whole different style of back rub.

6:17 PM  
Blogger Diana Crabtree said...

Happy Anniversary :)

10:57 PM  

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