Thursday, January 12, 2006

What's a girl to do?

I met with my manager on Monday afternoon all set to go register for school and he side-swiped me. Unexpectely giving me sage advice. They don't pay this guy $,$$$,$$$ per year for nothing - I have to listen to what he says. He also has two daughters that are my age so he understands more about who I am...I think.

I told him that since it is the new year and I'm starting to map out my review, I'm thinking about my goals. He will be retiring in the next couple years and so I need to impliment a plan of course sooner rather than later. What I came up with is explained in an earlier post: International Business with an emphasis on Women's Studies. This would open doors into HR to focus on diversity and promoting Women in Business. Well, my manager told me bluntly that I would most likely hate any business courses that I took and I really would not fit into this environment. He said that I'm not that 'type' of person and I should really take another look at this. He said if it is really what I want then I should meet with some people in that field and get a good idea that this is the direction I want to go into. And with that, design the degree around the job. Well, OK, he has a point but still (stomping my feet) I feel that I should have a degree!!! Now, his words might seem harsh but I must admit that as an administrative assistant, I love a lot of the freedom's I am afforded that a tradional office job does not allow. I rarely take my work home with me and I have plenty of job security - I can pretty much move anywhere and know that I will be able to find a good job at a reasonable pay rate.

The next day I was talking with my friend/coworker/therapist about this and she recommended Myers-Briggs and talking with a career counselor. Then she asked me about Personal Training - I told her my experience in Seattle, writing fitness articles for a CBS affiliate...and I've also trained her for fun (no charge) then she interrupted the conversation: she said my face lit up talking about it. It's true - I love helping people get healthy. The drawback is the stereotype of what a trainer is: a meat head, a pool boy/pool girl (sex toy), status symbol for the client, etc. I'll have to think about this some more. In the meantime, I saw this article about people starting to accept that we are 'larger' now and we're acclimating to that.


Blogger Diana Crabtree said...

WHAT? I don't know if I like or dislike that manager, if he's right then it's good information to give you, but if it's something you are interested in then he's being fair.

I think the "lit up eyes" is a good sign :)

11:34 AM  
Blogger Kelli said...

Yeah, it's a strange thing. I think I'm more of a 'free spirit' compared to most others here at GE... and this part of Connecticut for that matter and he was trying to convey that I would be miserable in a job that was process driven and very routine. I have a feeling he's right, I would be miserable if I had to conform to that.

6:13 PM  

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