Sunday, May 07, 2006

I did it!

One step for mankind; One giant leap for Kelli.

I got on stage last night and actually sang the Stooges song. I think I did amazingly well despite the fact that you couldn't really hear my voice (maybe that is why I did well!). My friends said they couldn't tell I was nervous at all and truth be told, the couple shots I did beforehand (thanks William, for that) gave me some liquid courage. William said I would be up next and I thought "you know, in 150 years we're all going to be gone anyhow, this is insignificant enough to not matter but will be fun enough to last well, it will make a good story" so I jumped on stage, po-go'd a bit and sang the song. It was a good time in a supportive crowd. The band is awesome too despite their being a wee bit tipsy from starting drinking early in the day at the Kentuky Derby Party that was held hours before. Afterward, Astrid went back home to Manhattan, Cena sent William home and she Paul and I went to The Chip Shop up the street on Atlantic Avenue for some cod and chips and a little ale to go with it (and sat with a bunch of bar regulars the three of us didn't know). We took a scary fast trip back to Grand Central Station and caught the 1:06 train back home and were in bed by 2:35.

The point of going was really to see our Chicago friend Aicha who was in town for the weekend (to see her military beau that also was travelling into town). I got home to hear a voicemessage left at 11:45 from her asking what was up for the night because she was 'on the fence' about meeting up with us. Sounds like the decision was all ready made. I can't say that I'm not dissappointed but I haven't been in that type of situation for over a decade and am not in a position to judge. I hope she had a great weekend though and we'll catch up with her in August when we're in Chi-town for a wedding.


Blogger Kurt said...

Feels awesome, doesn't it? :-) Good for you!

3:32 PM  
Blogger Kelli said...

It really did feel great! The best part is seeing my friends & husband in the front row cheering me on & singing along with me. Yeah, it is potentially addictive which is unfortunate for the crowd. :)

1:21 PM  

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