Sunday, April 23, 2006

Happy Earth Day!

The deer that frequent our property brought their babies to check out my compost bin. I counted 11 - yes 11 deer about 20 feet from our back door. They were all soaked from the rain.

On this Earth Day, I am curious if a lot of people make a connection between God and our beautiful planet. We are mere temporary tenants here. I believe in the right of a mother to abort a pregnancy but I also believe that the experience of life is a gift. I am humbled by mountains, by the ocean and sky and the flower buds that return year after year as spring returns. Without getting too philosophical, life in itself humbles me and makes me question the direction that we as humans are going. We want things that are absolutely Ego and meaningless. I do not understand when people make donations to charities for the purpose of naming a building or even floor tile after themselves. As a gift to a deceased relative: fine but I want to make a difference or impact in my own way and if I have done a good enough job, the work I have done will continue or be improved by someone else. I want to make a difference to myself - I want to grow as a person and it seems that as I do this, I seem to become more humble and want or need less to feel satisfaction and peace within myself. For me, Earth Day is the most spiritually reflective day of the year.


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