Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Be good (to myself)

Tuesday morning it occurred to me that my body is not ready for a cleanse. I have been eating raw fruits and vegetables (guacamole, gazpacho, fruit salad, berries, etc.) along with black coffee in the AM and then switching to clear tea in the afternoon and simple proteins - soft boiled eggs (olive oil, salt & pepper) or grilled chicken, fish. Doing this combined with spring allergies and trying to heal from my surgery made my body exhausted. So, I'm now just going to chill out and eat healthy for the next few weeks. No liquor (ugh!) no wheat and minimal dairy. Everything else will be as healthy as possible. Last night we went to a little Mexican restaurant and I had grilled tuna tacos - I could have feasted on that for days and now think I have a new favorite. - grilled tuna, lettuce, tomato, guacamole, salsa wrapped up in a warm tortilla. All I wanted was a salty margarita and I would have been in heaven. Doh!


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