Wednesday, August 30, 2006

My obsession

My shoe obsession is not what it used to be but as a woman living in Fairfield County, CT, it is difficult to wear anything too..too anything. So, after years of refusing to show my midriff (thank God that style has passed), I'm LOVING the fact that women's fashions are finally becoming womanly. This whole thing about women in their 40s are as fit as (often more fit than) women in their 20s is great but I'm in my mid-thirties, I don't want to flippin' look like I'm in my 20s - I want to dress my age!

This fall's fashions are finally doing something for me! So, over the summer I became obsessed with Diane vonFurstenberg's wrap dresses. Is there a woman that doesn't look amazing in one? It is totally sexy without laying it all out there. Perfect. Pair it with some oversize glasses and simple sandles and a woman will feel & look like a million bucks. The whole point is that I splurged this spring and bought my first dress and over the weekend, bought my second - for the fall & winter of course. It was most of my winter wardrobe money but come on, its worth it...isn't it?


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