Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Where's my head?

My good friend, Britt came over last night for dinner and talk. I was a bit wound up from being at work all day and not exercsing regularly. I was showing her the plants that I bought (and she so nicely gave me) from her nursery and took her to the upstairs rooms where the giant geranium (?) now resides. I dared to show her the upstairs section of the house. We live in a typical 2-3 bedroom Cape Cod that was built in the 40s. It's, well, 'cozy'. I can't figure out how to live in this home and it looks like a bomb went off in a college dorm room. I've always loved modern design where everything has a place or purpose but this house is not that. It is filled with alcoves and doors that lead to attic space and closets that have sloping backs that butt up against the roof and seem to waste space and leave little wall space for furniture. It's driving me crazy. So, Britt was surprised to see that the rooms actually were as bad as I described them and it struck me that so was I. With everything going on with my friend in Seattle, blah blah blah, my mind is not where it should be. Actions speak louder than words and even though I'm pretty much thinking about what I need to do around here, I end up not doing enough. So, I am dedicating a day of this upcoming weekend to get organized. No more shopping for things that will help me 'get' organized - I'm going to work with what I have. And...if I have time maybe I'll paint a room. ;)


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