Thursday, October 05, 2006


Britt and I are going to meet up at the Black Goose, have a Guiness and then head over to the Darien Sport Shop. It is of course Thursday which means they are open until 8:30pm. They normally close at 5:30 because by that time all of the wives have returned home to relieve their nannies. The Darien sport Shop is like nothing else anywhere. Only in one of the most affluent New England towns could this place exist. I found my Lacoste jeans there (half an alligator on each back pocket!) as well as my Tretorns. Generally speaking, the front room is Burberry and Lily Pulitzer and the back room is Lacoste and Ralph Lauren. In between is the men's section which carries the above brands and Joseph Abboud (who lives in the area), Garfield and Marks, etc.. Up stairs you get the sale racks (a.k.a. the why bother racks), kids clothing and sports gear - from la cross sticks to soccer balls. You get the picture. No where else have I seen teen-age boys asking their Dads without a sense of irony, if they could have a pair of Bass loafers because their current pair is worn out.

This is exactly why we are having a drink before we go over there.


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