Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Tipping Etiquette?

So here I am at work with a dollar bill in my purse and a dead car battery. I've called AAA and they are on their way. Should I be tipping this guy when he arrives? If so, how much? Keep in mind that it is pouring - POURING rain.

It got me thinking about tipping. I always wonder if I overtip some people and should have tipped others. I always leave a couple bucks in hotels for maids regardless if its a W or a Hampton Inn. The lady who washes my hair at my salon always spends about 10 minutes on a scalp massage so she gets $5.00. The woman who cuts my hair charged $45. even though she is worth much more so I tip her $20.00. Keeping in mind that its probably a 40/60 split with the salon. She recently raised her prices to $75.00 and now I'm wondering... Is she going to think me rude for NOT leaving $20.00 but rather $15.00?


Blogger Kurt said...

Always tip your movers! I had no idea you were supposed to either but while I was underemployed, I worked for a moving company in Boston. I was amazed that we got tips. The usual tip was $20-$30 per guy on the crew. A good rule of thumb is $5-10 per guy per hour. Unless, of course, the move goes poorly and the movers are twits. Then they get nothing.

9:21 AM  
Blogger Kelli said...

That is an excellent point. I could see tipping more if the weather is bad or if the movers have to climb stairs. Do people clean out their liquor cabinets and give you left over beer? I've always wondered that because we seem to have beer in stock and it is not really an item I ever want to move.

What about tipping at coffee shops? Most baristas are working at a corporation: Starbucks is not a one pony show where the owners can't afford to pay more. It also also annoys me that the baristas aren't trained to make those beautiful Italian looking images in the foam. Really, they just press buttons so what is the difference between them and a fry cook, other than they smell better? I basically give them my change even for a drip coffee because I know they are underpaid. For a hand made latte, I would gladly tip $1-2.00.

12:33 PM  
Blogger Kurt said...

My best moving tip was $750 but that was for a Wellsley mansion to Cape mansion 4 day move. Stairs and such are all part of the job. Besides the obvious - packing and carrying your stuff - the mover's main job is to take the stress out of one of the most stressful days you experience. If they are able to make you calm during the process, then they've done the same thing as a fine waiter during a freat meal and you should tip accordingly.

I never recieved booze per se but you should see the house I live in right now. One housemate has been a pro mover for 6 years and he has furnished the joint with an amazing collection of "scores" he's gotten over the years. Every stick of furniture is high quality and was free. Our kitchen is fully stocked with pro chef gear. Just don't ask a mover if he/she wants to buy a piece you want to get rid of. The answer is always, "No. But I'll gladly haul it away for you." Duh.

Getting back to your question, I tip everybody who serves me unless they are simply opening a spigot and handing me a cup. Dunkin Donuts? Nope. Bartenders who ignore me? metal tips. People who are not paid well but make my evening nice? 25%

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