Thursday, January 19, 2006

January update

Maybe its the new year or maybe its just me, finally deciding to take better care of myself. The last couple weeks were, I believe the worst I've felt in ages. I have had terrible allergies since moving into my new (old) home last fall and with the added commute, I haven't been exercising like I should. My skin was freaking out and the straw that broke the camels back happened, I got a big old whopping cold sore or something equally nasty, on my eyelid. LOVELY! Oh yes, I was feeling so sexy. So, enough was enough and I went to the eye doctor for some meds. Done.
My skin is starting to clear and my energy is increasing almost as if my body is finally adjusting to the allergins... time to get my butt to the gym. Done.

Next on my list for the new year is to reverse some damage I've done to my body & self-esteem. I've met with an awesome surgeon and am hoping to have this done and taken care of before bathing suit season (I have to have a goal to keep working out, come on!). I've been reflecting on this a lot in the past year and I am SOO ready to reclaim my body. I have to say, my husband is really supportive of this. No, I'm not going in for liposuction or anything like that, I'm undoing something I did when I was a wee 21 years old and apparently didn't like myself.

It is really strange to think back to a time in my life when I believed my mom when she told me that I could be 'really cute' if only...a, b, c and d. I actually believed her. This woman that told me I didn't need to go to college because I was smart enough to get a job on my own without the education and I'd find a nice wealthy husband. Wow. Thank God I'm old enough now that I can look back and laugh at that. It also took about 4,000 miles between us for 5 years to see it clearly. What was she thinking when she told me that? I don't know. My mom is a really good person but I wouldn't really say she offers the best 'mom' advice.


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