Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Wilton's Hip Downtown Scene (is non-existant)

A former co-worker and I wanted to meet somewhere 1/2 way between our offices and homes for a drink. We concluded that something on Route 7 is the best way to go. Two spots stand out in our mind: Omer's diner and Sky bar and restaurant. Funny thing is, Sky is located ground level in a strip mall and filled with earth tones. Despite that, my friend was running late so I had a Guinness and waited... After about 20 minutes I figured I had been deserted (this girl is punctual) so I ordered a crab cake. Surprise, this little joint actually has good food! My friend showed up and ordered the seared tuna and a grilled portobello appetizers - both were very good. We had another round of Guinness and called it a night. I would go back if I was in the neighborhood. The drawbacks? A light homogeneous suburban after work crowd and no beer on tap.


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