Thursday, February 23, 2006

Oh, now I get it!
I realized yesterday that part of my singing wouldn't be possible if I were still in an apartment in a city (Seattle, Chicago or New York). I feel safe in our basement music studio with all of its sound proofing and being tucked in by the drums and amps. I appreciate that I can sing "I wanna be your dog" by Iggy Pop without judgement. On the flipside - I've also been reading fashion magazines (my version of a cigarette addiction). I gave them up after living in NY & working in the same building as InStyle magazine. I realized that the fashion industry is pretty much made up of men and women that live rather pathetic lives that want you to believe they are somehow superior because they are wearing of the moment fashions and know all of the new places to go. Anyone who lives in a major city can walk around and find new & interesting places - big woop. I realized that just because you live in New York, that doesn't make you cool. You're either cool or not and being 'cool' means doing you're own thing regardless of what others are doing - that is NOT what people in publishing or fashion do. They're so desperate to be heard they try to tell the world how they should be thinking (about fashion). I realized this and felt freedom as a woman, for the first time. Anyhow, I now live in a suburban/ rural area and have felt that I need to somehow connect to something more fun and inspiring than literally waiting for the grass to grow and, well, snow to melt. I've picked up a Vogue and Elle magazine. I actually flipped the pages and then got annoyed, all I really need is a night in the city with some good music, cocktails - and of course the best accessory any girl could have: good friends.


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