Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Hip night at the Stop & Shop in Ridgefield

Last night on my way home, I realized that I needed to pick up some coffee, yogurt, milk and chili ingredients (easy dinner). I went into the store, easily found a parking space up front (unheard of) and walked in. It was hipster night at the Stop & Shop. Where are these people from? Who is that couple with the tattoos and disheveled hair? Who are those guys with knit caps on? Adidas? I haven't seen those for a while. We all walked around this store everyone looking comfortably surprised to see similiar types. I walked out thinking that I had been shopping on Saturday mornings with all of the families which was the wrong choice. The other thing I realized was after I got out to my car and started it up, NPR was on with Bushie giving the Presidential address. Ah, that's what was missing, the Republicans.


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