Friday, February 03, 2006

Ahh, we DO have friends!

It seems that everyone has been in hibernation since mid-December. The weather changes and the days are shorter and I don't hear from anyone. To be fair, I haven't been in the right mood to call friends either. What would I say, what to go hang out and... I don't know. It's just the mid-winter blahs. I don't downhill ski so I end up hanging around just waiting for springtime. I've even resorted to paying $60/hour to play indoor tennis (the going rate in the northeast). At least that is something... otherwise I feel like I'm just hanging out watching my dark hair grow in (as opposed to sunbleached). So, today must be the day. The day after the groundhog did not see his shadow. Today 5 friends from around the country contacted me to comfirm that we'll be seeing each other or will make plans to over the next few months. This, in addition to our awesome friend from Chicago is flying out (right about now) for the weekend so we can go see the Lilys at our other friends bar, Magnetic Fields, in Brooklyn. Ah, life springs up when I seem to need it most. Have a nice weekend!


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