Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Squeeze This!

So I did it. In keeping with my new years resolution to eat healthier, I bought a juicer. I shopped around and of course was looking at the aesthetically appealing juicers at places like Williams Sonoma and other kitchen shops but one kept calling my name: Champion. I ended up going to Mrs. Green's and shelling out $240.00 for this 'made in California since 1955' V1/3 powered by a General Electric motor, juice a cedar tree juicer. I LOVE IT. Is is 'pretty'? Not really. Does it work well? Let me just say that the kitchen lights dim when I turn it on.

The Champion is easy to clean and really easy to use so I'm hooked. Paul said 'oh no, you're going to obsess over this like you did the panini grill.' Well, yes. Some people like grilled cheese and tomato soup, I can now make gazpacho and prosciutto & Gruyere panini in about the same time. Paul still grumbled a bit so I made him a bloody Mary with organic tomatoes, cucumber, parsley and garlic. He now asks for it like a child would his favorite meal.

The reason I really wanted the juicer is because the vitamins that you get from raw juice is so much more than what you get from pasturized juice. Regardless of the type. Just as people who have traveled to Europe will say the dairy is so much better overseas than in the US, raw juice is incredible tasting. So, here are a few favorites that I've made from whatever is available:

-1 pomegranate
-1 small leg of ginger
-4 apples
(easily feeds 2)

-red pepper
-cucumber or celery
-1 part vodka
-garnish with olives
(feeds several)

(feeds 2+ for breakfast)

Or, simply 2 oranges and a grapefruit (mix with vodka if after 5pm)



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