Tuesday, July 25, 2006

It occured to me today while talking with my manager that people that most Republicans I have met are pessimists while Democrats have been optimists. Both have very different approaches to life, love and war.


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To add to this, I was just talking with my manager and although Lamont may want to stop government spending in Iraq and focus on strengthening the US economy and bring jobs to Connecticut. It was clarified that Connecticut's economy is based on governement contracts & military spending and therefore, no war means less jobs. Wow. I thought no war meant no lost lives. I wonder how the soldiers feel about that. Maybe they are in the battlefield knowing that what they are doing will allow an executive to take a vacation in the South of France for a month instead of a measley two weeks.

Honestly, is this enough to justify being in a war? Lieberman seems to think so. I don't think I'm the smartest pencil in the box but I can grasp common sense pretty well. Someone explain this to me, please...?

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