Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Perspective for the Ladies

This is a message to the Bella's in your 40s and beyond. Keep perspective on your priorities. Perhaps the media is to blame but the way I see things, those of us under 40 are still looking to you to set the pace.

No matter what, if we are fortunate we will get older. The alternative is not so good. Just as women that have given birth to a child will say, your body takes on a life of its own and you have no control over the changes. That is life and we are genetically programmed to age. There are things we can do to slow the process and there is no silver bullet for that - pure and simple discipline. Exercise, eat right, good sex, lots of sleep, spiritual studies through meditation or church, for example, and minimizing stress or choosing to react objectively and peacefully to lifes challenges.

Recently, I was talking to a good friend about aging. An inspiring experience happened when I was in my 20s on a weekend road trip in Monterey, California. As I walked on the beach with friends on that brilliant fall afternoon, we could see a wind surfing competition out in the distance. The racers were starting to come in from open ocean into the bay to land their boards on the beach. As one wind surfer approached, I saw the sillouette of a woman in a wetsuit and her hair was messy from the sun & salt water. She landed her board on the beach and I looked up to see a beautiful and radiant woman in her 70s. She looked exhilerated and worn from a great workout in the ocean air. She was the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. She had strength, independence, sensuality and guts to get out there and take on the ocean. As she packed up her gear she talked with us about her board, the weather, the ocean's current that day and her joy for it.

I have to wonder if in this convenient but busy life of ours we lose perspective on life. Is feeling bad because we are aging really about missed opportunities earlier in life? Is it about not taking full advantage of what was given to us and now we regret it? It isn't really about the body at all, it is about the spirit encased in the body. As our bodies age, our spirit and lifes should improve and become more peaceful and joyful. Life goes on and every day we have an opportunity to move in the direction of our life goal. Whether we choose to do that or not is up to us but to have regret is wasted time.


Blogger beethoven writes said...

It certainly is very easy to lose perspective in this modern world.



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Blogger Kelli said...

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Blogger Kelli said...

Thanks for posting, Tom. I've been reading your site and am amazed. Coming from a very bicycle friendly part of the US (Redmond, WA "biking capital of the world" - whatever that means), I found this especially interesting. I tried riding in NY and truck drivers would get upset if I rode on the road and it is not possible or legal to ride on the sidewalk so I took to side streets and alleys to make it to the West Side Highway where there is a trail that runs the length of Manhattan. I give you lots of credit for attempting London's crazy streets.

I hope the leg heals well.

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