Wednesday, October 18, 2006

New York's 'Best Kept Shopping Secret'...need I say more? Where else are you going to find Pucci pants for $250 next to a Hanes $3.99 t-shirt? The store is insane every time I go there but I think it is genetic: I don't go often but when I do, I have the find the most incredible berries/shoes in the forest/store. There is a time to pay retail prices - like when you know exactly what you want and there is limited supply and, there is a time for Century 21. I find the best approach is to give myself a dollar amount allottment before I go in, similiar to how some people will go to Vegas with $250. What I walk out with depends on patience and luck.


Blogger thwany said...

the one in long island has even better finds. my friend who goes frequently never ceases to find a heavily discounted marc jacobs coat each time she goes. it's also a lot quieter and much bigger and comfortable in space. while yes, haha it is in long island, (and if you don't live there, why would anyone want to venture out there), i think it's worth the trip every now and then.

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