Thursday, November 16, 2006

Dreaming of a small place

As I woke up yesterday morning I had an image of myself lying in bed and that image expanded to the house and town and world and I saw images of war and people crying and laughing and shopping and talking on cell phones and I heard sounds of technology crackling and wind as the image kept panning out further to a full image of our home and the moon and solar system and beyond until the Earth was a dot and then dissappeared as the image kept moving further out into space. It was beautiful.

My mind was calmly trying to make sense of it and I knew that all that really mattered is a few things - birth, respect for life, a peaceful death and the moments that matter with friends, a good book, laughter and respect for what we can learn from others. Everything else is a distraction to what is true - from that distance, all of those things that we deem important are not.

At that point, the image zoomed back in and I found myself curled up with my dog, waking up.


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