Thursday, October 27, 2005

Being an adult means you have a capacity to admit when you are wrong.

I'm so tired - Tiiiirrrreeeed of people saying the Right is Conservative and the Left is Liberal and you have to be one or the other or else your a wimp with no personal opinion. Is it that the media is filled with idiots like Anne Coulter that tell us this and after a while, we start to believe that's how everyone is? The stress that people feel in their lives is not because of hurricanes and the flu but because we're being told to hate our neighbors. When did we stop respecting our neighbor for his or her own belief regardless if it was our own, and look at him with a cautious eye? If we can't trust our neighbors, who can we trust? As an adult can't we just keep an open mind and be flexible and willing to change and learn as life keeps unfolding in front of us?

The extreme personalities that we hear in the media may be passionate and honestly believe what they're saying but they are mentally retarded because they cannot embrace the fact that life is not black or white. In order for us, as neighbors and Americans and children of this planet who are only here for a short while to ever get along, we better stop tooting our own horns, listen to our neighbors and make up our own minds... just because you are smart doesn't mean everyone else is stupid, Stupid.


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