Monday, October 17, 2005

Below is a recent email from my good friend Susan. She's an amazing woman whose non-stop energy has always inspired me. Even while fighting breast cancer, she remains a giving loving person where most people would want to withdraw.
Hello everyone! It has been a while since my last mail. The seasons have changed and life is moving on a bit. I hope this mail finds you all happy and healthy.

I have been back at work full time for awhile. I think I am to the point now of having more stamina and feeling more “normal” everyday.

In addition to going back to work you all know I did the Breast Cancer 3 Day this summer and am toying with the idea of doing it again next year. In September I helped raise funds for the Susan G. Komen Power of a Promise Luncheon as a table captain. And in a full circle of events I joined my doctor and friend Pat Dawson at the Swedish Medical Center Foundation Wellness Luncheon to raise funds for the Swedish Mobile Breast Care Express. This is the mobile unit that came to campus at Microsoft last year and with out it I would not have caught my cancer diagnosis. I attribute the use of this great resource for saving my life.

So with that yours truly has been featured in a couple of articles to help promote the Swedish Mobile Mammography Breast Care Express. The following article was on page three of the King County Journal In addition Microsoft’s internal newsletter the Micronews ran a story Oct 14 high lighting the Mobile Unit on campus and emphasizing that Microsoft employees use it! I can’t send you the url but here is a segment of the article:

“A year later, Susan Woerdehoff returned to work from visiting her chronically ill father. It was her first day back with the MXPS CRM team, and her e-mail inbox brimmed. She realized that she had a mammogram appointment at 10 a.m., and was tempted to skip it. But she also realized that the Swedish Hospital mobile unit, a walk-on mammography clinic, was only five minutes across campus. She attended the appointment. Days later, her life changed.

Woerdehoff learned after additional tests that she had a cancerous lump in her left breast. Luckily, the cancer was caught early, and through surgery and radiation, she is in remission and doing well. Taking one hour out of my day to go to the appointment saved my life,” she says. Despite all that was going on in my life then, something made me to go that appointment. What I do know is that if I’d had to drive to the appointment, I would not have gone. The Swedish mobile unit is a great resource.”

Please pass this info along to encourage others to get checked. Tell your mother’s, daughters, sisters and co-workers. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Early detection saves lives!

Good night and have a pleasant tomorrow.




Blogger Kurt said...

Good luck and good thoughts to you, Susan!

A very good friend just finished a brutal 11 months of surgery (both breasts), aggressive chemo and finally radiation. Her family has a long history of breast cancer so they decided to hit it hard. She will find out the results of the treatment in early November but all preliminary tests show that the cancer is gone. Let's hope so. As she puts it, "I'm gonna be flashing one rockin' set of c's next summer!" Her attitude is awesome...

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