Monday, October 31, 2005


One of the first things we were told by neighbors is "you moved here just in time for Halloween - prepare yourself". Another neighbor elaborated and told us we should buy about $70 - $80 dollars worth of candy and now I read in the Ridgefield Press than we may get as many as 1,200 Trick or Treaters!! I have a new mailbox with numbers that I painstakenly hand painted - I cannot risk getting it egged which means, off to CVS I go to buy bags and bags of Snickers and Hot Tamales.

Trick or Treaters aside, this holiday is for the adults in this town. People are going crazy with life size witches flying into trees, skeletons hanging from trees, blinking eyes in bushes and it doesn't stop there (read the attached link to learn about the haunted pirate ship).

Betty the bulldog is going to FREAK out.


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