Thursday, March 30, 2006

Is it weird that I love the feeling of walking around barefoot after wearing high heels all day? It feels soooo good.


Blogger Diana Crabtree said...

I wore super high heels for the first time in months last week. I was teetering like a drunk person in them, GOD it felt good to get those things off!

Hope you are well :)

1:12 AM  
Blogger Kelli said...

It's true. There is some strange subliminal calling that women receive that we have to wear the high heels - no other shoe makes an outfit like a heel and then we end up teetering around in them all day. It feels good when they go on but feel even better to take off.

I've noticed that here in NY, a lot of trendy girls are wearing the high heels a la 80's style again - with short skirts and all. I actually saw a white pair the other day on a cute normal looking girl (loose sheath dress with big belt and oversized purse. She didn't even have New Jersey hair or anything. I think this is a trend I'll have to keep an eye on.

5:58 PM  

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