Thursday, March 02, 2006

Lost in Translation

I can't help but burst out laughing at this stupid thing that happened. We have some Aussie acquaintances that recently got married, we offered to take them to dinner at Chez Jean-Louis in Stamford. It is a charming corner French bistro c'est magnifque!

So Paul and I had a couple drinks (Campari & soda, if you must know)and then our newlyweds arrive, a bit frazzled but they made it. Australians are interesting peoples. They make a point of travelling around the world most often when they are just out of college. Incredibly personable and always up for a chat. We were enjoying our wonderful dinner and drink until I asked how long they would be living in Stamford - you see, the husband moved his girlfriend from Sydney to Stamford only to have to travel 5 days per week, sometimes more. My thinking is, wow, they're really in love or they haven't really thought this through. I mean, she doesn't know anyone, why wouldn't they live in NYC where she can get out and really meet people and have a global experience? While down under, she was a physical therapist but while here, she wasn't able to work. So, she was voluntering and workingout and taking long distance continuing ed courses but that only filled about 20-30 hours per week. So, enough about who they are, the point is, I asked how long they would be in Stamford before they moved back to Sydney. At the same moment, she said 1-2 years and he said 5 or so. Her face went pale and I think I saw her lose her breath. A small discussion ensued and Paul and I watched until we could figure out how to change the subject. We got back to normal small talk when we got them to talk about their wedding. The newleywed husband piped up that they "got some beautiful fidos that we should take a look at sometime". He continued on but Paul, who has one of the largest vocabularies of anyone I know, interrupted with "What's a fido?" He shook his head trying to think about how it could fit into the conversation, both newleyweds piped up "FIDO, you know, a FIDO". I was rolling laughing while this went back and forth for a good minute or two and I looked at Paul and with a raised voice laughing my head off said "Paul, they're talking about photos, you".


Blogger Kurt said...

Heh. Reminds me of the time in 2nd grade when we were learning how to look up a word in the dictionary. My teacher was from somewhere in the deep south and spoke with a beautiful, thick southern belle accent (yum!). She kept telling us about God words and how they are used to narrow our word search. I went home that night confused as to how the heck God will help me find a word in the dictionary, after all he/she's probably busy smiting something somewhere anyway. Mom was as puzzled as me so she asked me to show her in the dictionary where the God words are. "Right there in the upper corners of each page." Mom, who knew the teacher and her accent, didn't stop laughing for hours.

5:04 PM  
Blogger Tommy Gnosis said...

Kelli left out the part where, after he and his wife were both near shouting at me saying "Fido! Fido! Fido!", I stared at the guy incredulously and said, "are you fucking with me, mate?"

Hilarity ensued.

3:04 PM  

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