Thursday, March 02, 2006

That wasn't just a light breeze that blew through the northeast last month. I just received this email...holy Toledo (pun intended):
Subject: Update on Lisa

Lisa will be transported to Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital in Boston on
Friday morning. She's looking forward to getting out of the hospital and
moving forward with the rehabilitation.

For those of you who do not already know, the family has started a fund to
help off-set the significant costs that lie ahead. Following is a write up
from the Local 786's web site. I have changed the mailing address to my
attention with the hopes of not overwhelming Matt with mail.

Please Donate to the Lisa McCabe Readman Fund

Lisa (McCabe) Readman
On Friday, February 17, 2006, Lisa (McCabe) Readman was seriously injured by
a falling tree during a fierce wind-storm at her home in the town of
Bedford, New Hampshire.

Lisa is the daughter of veteran Local 786 member and Assistant Stamford Fire
Chief John McCabe. Although Lisa is recovering well from the
accident, she suffered severe injuries to her back and spinal cord. At this
time, Doctors do not believe she will ever regain use of most of her lower
extremities or walk again.

Lisa is married with 2 young children. The family has established a fund in
order to assist them with the significant challenges that they will have to
endure in the months and years to come. Please consider a donation to help
the daughter of one of our Brothers. A news article regarding the accident
can be found on this page following the Fund's address. Thank you for

Make check payable to:
The Lisa McCabe Readman Fund

Mailing Address:
Lisa McCabe Readman Fund
c/o Christine Keen
198 Four Brooks Road
Stamford CT 06903


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