Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Surgery Day has come and gone... I made it and have reclaimed my body! My Dad, who has never said anything to me about my surgery (my mom convinced me to not tell anyone in the family that I was going to do it), called me on Sunday prior to the surgery - my sister told him I was going in. He called to tell me he loves me and that he's sure everything would be OK. that meant the world to me. After the surgery yesterday afternon, he called me and told me how glad he is that I once again have the body that God gave me. We still haven't come out and said what I actually did but that's OK. My mom left me a voice message last night that she couldn't call prior to the surgery because she lost her cell phone or some other lame excuse... she hasn't called back. Mom get's the big 'Whatever'. She's still my mom but I can't say I'm not disappointed.

I'm liberated, feel much lighter and planning on having a bra burning. I will weigh myself in a couple days but I'm thinking 3 pounds.

Women may go under the knife for many reasons and I realized once I woke from surgery over 10 years ago that I made a mistake. For me, two months of insecurity and allowing others to make decisions for me - and it has now been a mistake that has cost almost $11,000. to get back to my normal state. Emotionally, I couldn't be happier. I look forward to wearing really low cut tops for the sake of them being cute low cut tops - not selling the goods and having it look sleazy. I did this for all the women out there that think they will be happier if only they had a slightly smaller nose, butt or bigger chest. Just as I will never full lips or curly hair, this is who I am and I'm going to be the healthiest, glowiest version of who I am. I wish that other women can feel this way prior to going under the knife - the world would be a more beautiful place. My drugs are kicking in so its off to bed for me. Love, K.


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