Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Snippy Snappy

What a pain in the butt I have been. Can I blame it on the medication? I've been speaking before thinking - upset because when I got home from work yesterday, my wonderful husband that has done laundry and the dishes, fed and walked the dog, is ignoring me. Not fully, he's just working. I am fussy and upset that he removes his Tabasco from the bin, uses it and leaves it on the counter. What is wrong with me? I'm being a pain in the ass wife that I said I would never be. No wonder he hid in his studio. Ugh. I refuse to become a middle aged pain in the ass wife - REFUSE! So, right now I want to tell my love that I am sorry. I will stop being so difficult and do my best to appreciate you the way you should be. I know you are going through a lot (and that is an understatement) at work so I am here for you - for us - to get through it together so that we can each continue to grow as individuals and become better people. You're the one that taught me that's possible in the first place. Love, Your wife, Kelli


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