Sunday, April 16, 2006

Amazing cure for stress!

The media is always hounding us about how busy we are, how we're getting less sleep, our children have to be more competitive to get into the right school (even though parents seldomly pay attention to manners, integrity and ethics), we're told what is wrong with us and how we can visit a doctor to fix it! Yippee! We're spending our days busy just keeping up with news about how fat our bodies are and trying to figure out who or what to blame it on - oh yeah, that is stress! So how about this: how about we turn off our TVs, radios, and yes, computers for an evening every now and then and pick up a book or garden or do something that is regrounding - maybe even just sit in a lawn chair and listen to the sounds that are around you. You don't need to schedule a massage or yoga class to get the same effect. It is called perspective and it seems that most of us have lost it.

How different is your life from your parents & their friends were at your age? How about our grandparents? I am not a traditionalist but there is something really beautiful about just being present. Enjoying the sound of the dishwasher running after the dinner dishes have been cleaned and you can sit and read a book without distraction. Yes, it is nice to be busy but the world will not stop if and when you decide to step away from the hectic pace. I'm tired of it really. It doesn't matter where you live - city or country or suburb - living is about being present and enjoying the moment. We have this one moment right now - now - now - now (just playing with you) and the past is over, the future is not controllable so why not take a nice cleansing deep breath and be content with this moment. It is funny that when I think of life in these terms, I need or want very little. Now, turn off your computer, stretch out your body, walk outside and look that the grass is greener than it was just a couple weeks ago - and wave to your neighbor while you're at it.


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