Tuesday, April 11, 2006

And I'm spent.

A full day of work and I'm in pain. It was too much despite my taking 1/2 a Percocet in the morning. I started to get tough with people and it being the day before our board meeting, was probably a good thing. I have little tolerance for people that are wasting my time chasing them down for something that could easily be mentioned in the meeting and probably would not otherwise be commented on. So, I told people to get their damn presentations in and all of a sudden a call comes into my manager. He of course backed what I said and they gave me what I asked for - within minutes (hours late but still). So, my stress level is high and this isn't what my body needs. My manager kept telling me to go home and now I am - in comfy cotton yoga pants, a fitted tank and a fitted ballet top - thank you very much. I may be exhausted but for the first time in 10 years, I am happy to be wearing something and my real body is with me.

It's funny, I have a smaller chest yet feel more attractive and comfortable with my body now than I did when I had a larger chest and weighed 10 pounds less. The grass may be greener on the other side but sometimes, its because the grass is astroterf which, as we know doesn't taste so sweet. wow, percocet must be kickin' in. Love, me.


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